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Belly Dancer


Arabian Spice is a  passionate group of Oriental Dancers wishing to spread the love for oriental dance

to anyone willing to try our classes.


We get together once a week to practice, learn, teach, create and have fun though this process...

and we have been doing it for many years, in the beautiful setting of Bay of Plenty (New Zealand North Island) region and Tauranga specifically.

We come together not only to have fun and connect with others, but to appreciate ourselves

for exactly who we are .

Belly dance also called  Raks Sharqi, meaning oriental dance in Arabic is a dance form that can truly

embrace people of all ages, sizes, shapes, culture, background, fitness level and personality.

This form of dance is both challenging and fun.

A beginner finds herself holding and feeling her body in ways she hadn’t before, using muscles she

didn’t know existed, and challenging her body in new exciting ways. It doesn’t matter what kind of belly you have! Any belly is perfect for belly dancing. And you don’t even need to show it if you don’t want to!

Learning to belly dance is like teaching your body a new language. It inspires joy, confidence, and helps you

to feel ‘at home’ in your body and yourself.

You will learn the movements through specific drills and exercises; acquire fitness and expand

your femininity side; develop musicality and grace, gain self-confidence, have fun and ultimately dance!!

Everybody is welcome, no partner required. We teach from beginners to intermediate. Between us, we have more than 20 year experience of the dance.

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