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Classes are held in Tauranga, New Zealand at San Columba Church Hall, every Wednesday at 6.30 pm

Learning to belly dance is like teaching your body a new language.

It inspires joy, confidence, and helps you feel ‘at home’ in your own body and yourself.

You will learn the movements through specific drills and exercises;

acquire fitness and expand your femininity; develop musicality and grace;

gain self-confidence, have fun and ultimately dance!


Here are a few tips to get the most out of the class:

- Wear comfortable clothing. 

- Bring a scarf to tie around your hips. 

- No shoes necessary as lessons will be barefoot.

- Be ready to have fun!


I highly recommend this group of amazing ladies who love their craft. They are dedicated to this beautiful belly dancing art. Beginners are made to feel welcomed. Never too young or old to start a cool new fitness passion. Absolutely fabulous!

Christine Y.


True cultural experience with lovely set of ladies. Guaranteed to see wonderful, welcoming entertainment. Gorgeous outfits, wonderful expression. Many years experience. 🙂

Cyndy M.


An enjoyable experience and Raffaella is an amazing teacher!

Andrea H.

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